GFA refers referees protest to Sports Ministry

Author: Samuel Ebo Kwaitoo
Ghanaian referees have laid down their tools in protest against unpaid allowances

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalisation Committee (NC) has notified the Ministry of Youth and Sports about the referees' boycott of the ongoing special competition due to unpaid allowances as it continues to wait for funds from the government.

According to a statement issued by the NC's communication team yesterday, contained in the approved budget for the competition included officiating fees for referees which it was waiting to be released.

The NC revealed that it had been officially informed by the Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) in a letter dated May 6, 2019, that due to the non-payment of officiating fees to its members, effective Tuesday May 7, it will suspend officiating matches.

"The NC remains confident that the Ministry of Youth and Sports will fulfill its obligations per the budget approved for the NC Special Competition. "The NC appreciates the existing collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and itself," it stressed.

"For the avoidance of doubt, our doors remain open to the media for any clarification on all matters relating to the NC Special Competition."

The NC assured the sporting public and all football stakeholders it was still committed to restore sanity, transparency and accountability in its efforts to revive public and corporate confidence in Ghana football. "However, these efforts shall require the cooperation of all stakeholders."

"We continue to call for peace and decency brotherhood and unity at all football matches in the country," the statement concluded.