FIFA Secretary General given supervisory role over CAF

Author: CAF Online
Fatma Samoura to be directly involved in the running of CAF
Fatma Samoura to be directly involved in the running of CAF

Football's world governing body, FIFA  has appointed its Secretary General, Fatma Samoura as “FIFA General Delegate for Africa” for a six-month period, with the responsibility of supervising the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Her appointment to be from August 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020, is part of a proposal presented by the President of CAF, Ahmad Ahmad  to the body's Executive Committee  meeting in Cairo on June 19, 2019.

Ms. Samoura  is expected to  oversee operational management of CAF, including governance and administrative procedures.

She is also to ensure the efficient and professional organisation of all CAF competitions and  support the growth and development of football in all countries and regions of CAF.

The FIFA Secretary General will be assisted by a group of experts who will work in a spirit of partnership with President Ahmad and his team in several areas.

CAF boss Ahmad Ahmad (right) has called for help from FIFA

The proposal from Ahmad is an effort to clear his name as he has been under scrutiny following a documented list of allegations made against him by CAF's former Secretary General, Amr Fahmy and lodged with FIFA's Ethics Committee.

The allegations range from corruption to sexual harrassment charges and last week while in Paris for a FIFA Congress, Ahmad was arrested by France's anti-corruption security but was released without any charges on the same day.

Ahmad's proposal is also seeking FIFA’s expertise to assess the current situation in the African governing body and help to accelerate the implementation of the ongoing reform process to ensure that CAF functions with transparency, efficiency while abiding to the highest governance standards.

As part of this process, it has also been agreed that FIFA and CAF will undertake  a full forensic audit of CAF as soon as possible.

FIFA and CAF will work closely together in order to best serve all African Member Associations to bring stability, serenity, professionalism and effective football development on the African continent where the passion for football is so prevalent.

During this period, Fatma Samoura will remain Secretary General of FIFA and will delegate her functions within the FIFA administration in accordance with the relevant internal regulations.

The Bureau of the FIFA Council has approved this exceptional and temporary measure.