FIFA outlines mandate for Normalisation Committee for Ghana football

Author: Rosalind K. Amoh
FIFA sets up criteria and duties for Normalisation Committee for Ghana football
FIFA sets up criteria and duties for Normalisation Committee for Ghana football

Members of the Normalisation Committee (NC) to be named to reform Ghana football, will have to go through and pass an eligibility test, otherwise known as integrity test.

This is the requirement football's world governing body, FIFA has made as it moves closer to naming the committee in its bid to help reform Ghana football having succeeded in getting the Government of Ghana (GoG) to discontinue its plan of dissolving the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

FIFA on Wednesday released the mandate for the yet-to-be named NC and clearly indicated what its role will be as well as stressing the mandate will not go beyond March 31, 2019.

FIFA president, Gianni Infantino and Secretary General, Fatma Samoura go through the guidelines to reform Ghana football

Also, none of the members of the NC  will be eligible to contest for positions when elections for positions on the Executive Committee of Ghana FA is eventually held.
The outline of the mandate, is in reaction to GoG’s taking step on Tuesday, to withdraw from court, its suit to dissolve the GFA.

The latest response from FIFA, is part of the practical steps being taken to bring Ghana football back to normalcy after a rift between the GoG and the GFA following the Anas Amereyaw Anas’ exposé on corrupt practices in Ghana football.

Per government's display of its commitment to go by the resolution at the August 16 meeting in Zurich, the world governing body has also withdrawn its threat of banning Ghana football.

“Following the recent meeting between FIFA and Government of Ghana officials together with the head of the FIFA/CAF liaison team for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) concerning the situation of the GFA, and taking into consideration the subsequent withdrawal by Ghana authorities of the petition to liquidate the GFA, the Bureau of the FIFA Council decided on 27 August 2018, to appoint a normalisation committee for the GFA. The suspension of the GFA will consequently not take effect,” the comminuque from FIFA on Wednesday, said.

FIFA and the delegation of Government of Ghana resolved to reform Ghana football in Zurich on August 16

The mandate also specifies the duties of the Normalisation Committee as follows:

-To run the GFA’s daily affairs and cooperate with the special task force once it has been set up by FIFA, CAF and the Government of Ghana;

- To review the GFA statutes to ensure compliance with the requirements of FIFA and CAF, particularly art. 15 of the FIFA Statutes, and;

- Once the GFA statutes meet the requirements of FIFA and CAF, to organise and conduct elections of a GFA executive committee on the basis of the revised GFA statutes.

-The normalisation committee shall be composed of an adequate number of members to be identified by a joint FIFA/CAF mission to be deployed to Ghana as soon as possible.

-All members of the normalisation committee must pass an eligibility check to be carried out by the FIFA Review Committee.

-The normalisation committee will act as an electoral committee and none of its members will be eligible for any of the open positions in the elections.

-The specified period of time during which the normalisation committee shall perform its functions shall expire when all of the above-mentioned tasks have been properly fulfilled, but by no later than 31 March 2019.

This latest development a practical step to bring the sport back to life, ironically, closes the chapter on the Executive Committee whose mandate would have expired next year.

Kwesi Nyantakyi has resigned as GFA president and also from his CAF and FIFA roles

Almost immediately after the screening of the Anas exposé, titled No.12, 'When Greed and Corruption Become the Norm', government in reaction to the public outcry, set out to overhaul the sport.

As a first step football activities were brought to a halt with the premises of the Ghana Football Association taken over by police, with the place described as a crime scene. It still remains closed and have security presence.

Also, Kwesi Nyantakyi  resigned as president, and also from all international positions after he was given a three-month provisional ban by FIFA, whose Ethics Committee was instituting an investigation upon receipt of a formal report from Anas Amereyaw Anas for breach of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

The  ExCo and government also begain  a legal tussle over the latter's intention to dissolve Ghana football, with the former claiming that it was against the tenets of world football's statutes.

The latest move from FIFA ends the mandate of the Executive Committee of the GFA


The stand-off, which dragged for almost two-and-half months without any headway, compelled FIFA to write to the FIFA-CAF Liaison Team, to get government withdraw the court action by August 26, or the country be banned.

Government reacted to the letter by requesting for an emergency meeting which was held between the two parties in Zurich on Thursday, August 16, during which they resolved to undertake the following:

*  The Presidents of Ghana and FIFA have committed to work together to offer leadership in reforming football administration in Ghana and in Africa;

*  That the GoG and FIFA shall work closely to eradicate corruption and malfeasance and other associated criminal conduct from the administration of football in Ghana;

*  The GoG and FIFA shall establish a joint task force to create proper disciplinary, governance and auditing mechanisms as well as ensure that persons who are found culpable are punished in accordance with Ghanaian domestic laws and FIFA statutes;

*FIFA upon consultation with the GoG and CAF shall establish a normalisation committee to replace the Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association;

*FIFA in consultation with the GoG and CAF shall appoint persons with integrity and competence to constitute the membership of the normalisation committee;

*  Satisfied with the above measures, the GoG shall take steps to discontinue the process for the winding up of the Ghana Football Association.