Clottey: Dogboe must work on his defence

Author: Bernard Neequaye
Isaac Dogboe

Former International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight champion, Joshua Clottey, has called on Isaac Dogboe to work on his defence if he is to attain greater heights in the sport.

Clottey advised the former WBO super bantamweight titlist to learn how to avoid counter punches whenever he was attacking in the ring, the lack of which he believed contributed to the youngster’s heavy defeat to Mexico’s Emanuel Navarrete last week.

Dogboe lost his WBO title to the Mexican in their maiden fight on December 8 in New York and suffered a 12th round technical knockout defeat to the same opponent in a rematch on May 11 in Arizona.

The two defeats to Navarrete cut short a promising career of Dogboe as the Mexican utilised his height and reach advantage in both fights to earn emphatic victories.

Commenting on Dogboe’s sudden fall from boxing grace, Clottey told the Graphic Sports in an interview that for an attacking boxer as the former WBO champion was noted for, he needed to do more of defending to prevent defeats.

“For a boxer who usually attacks, you need to have a good defence top and avoid counter punches in the ring and I believe Dogboe lacked that in both defeats to Navarrete.

“It was very bad seeing him lose his title in those two fights with Navarrete but he is a young fighter and can always come back stronger with a good defence,” he said.

Team Dogboe announced their decision to put boxing on hold in order to allow Isaac Dogboe to continue his education after their one-sided defeat at the hands of Navarrete.

Paul Dogboe, the boxer’s father and trainer, was the first to announce his retirement from the sport as he looked to hand over his son to an experienced coach when he decides to return to the ring.

When asked whether he endorsed the suggestion that Dogboe’s career be put on hold while he pursued his university education in the UK, 41-year-old Clottey said his compatriot needed a long rest to put things in place before making his return.

He was confident that Dogboe had the capacity to come back stronger and to prove his worth in the sport, hence it would be premature to hang his gloves just because of his recent setbacks.