Boxing trainer threatens to sue Micah

Author: Bernard Neequaye
Duke Micah

Boxing trainer, Lawrence Carl Lokko, has given a strong indication that his battles with his former protégé, Duke Micah, are far from over and that his lawyers are putting together a lawsuit against bantamweight boxer for defamatory comments he made about him.

Micah, the WBC International bantamweight champion, had alleged that his former trainer connived with some unnamed individuals to swindle him of his fight earnings, a charge Lokko denied and threatened to take legal actions in a bid to clear his name.

The two personalities parted ways last July, but even though the boxer later apologised for his comments but insisted he stood by his claims, the trainer maintains he would still seek legal actions to clear his name. 

Upset at the allegations, Lokko told the Graphic Sports Online he would not sit unconcerned and allow a boxer he trained from scratch to tarnish his hard-won reputation.

“I am back in Ghana to continue from where I left. My lawyers are putting together a law suit against Duke and I can assure you that in due time you will hear from us.

“You can’t just tarnish my image for something I know nothing about and later claim to have apologised but state that he still stand by what he said,” Lokko fumed.

During their time together, Carl Lokko guided Duke Micah to win the WBO Africa bantamweight title

The relationship between Micah (22-0,18 KOs) and his former trainer turned sour following the boxer’s recent verbal attack on him in a video he posted on Facebook, in which he accused Lokko for character assassination as the main reason they parted ways.

“He is spoiling my name in America. You have gone telling people you won’t work with me anymore. If you won’t work with me anymore, go. Why are you spoiling my name? Go home and train a boxer from scratch and see if it’s easy.

“You conspire with people to swindle me, telling me there’s no money after I’ve fought. You’ve squandered my money and You’re telling me you’ll curse me?  If I were your son would you treat me that way? Even you, who go about perpetrating vice and stealing people’s money, God hasn’t betrayed you, but you’re betraying me. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the fruits of his labour?,” Micah said on video in the scathing attack on his former coach which went viral alleged in the viral video.

The boxer came back to issue an apology to Lokko and the entire Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) board after he was called to order by his co-manager, Michael Amoo-Bediako, to retract his words.

During their time together, Lokko guided the 2012 Olympian to a Commonwealth title, the WBO Africa belt.