All you need to know on the 2019 summer transfer window deadline


Clubs all around the world are currently bolstering their squads ahead of the 2019/20 season before the transfer windows close for Premier League and around Europe respectively.

Futaa takes a look at when Deadline Day is for the clubs and players via Sky Sports.

Premier League

According to Sky reports, the transfer window for the Premier League will come to a close on Thursday, August 8 where we will see Liverpool host Norwich City at the Anfield Stadium.

The clubs will have until 5 PM on the day of closing but will still be allowed the opportunity to sell players as the window remains open beyond the Deadline Day.


The Sky Bet Championship will also conclude on the same day and time as the above league. However, the Championship clubs will be prohibited to sign players on loan beyond the date. 


Europe, on the other hand, will have an extended time with the La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue set to close on Monday, September 2 - respectively. 

Sky Sports further adds that the German clubs will conclude their business at 5 PM prompt on the day with Italy having to close at 7 PM. 

Spain and France are yet to have their times confirmed to close off their transfer window. 

*The above mentioned times are CAT.