Women’s successes, achievements relevant

BY: Abigail E. Otabil

The place and position of women can never be marginalised; from the home, in the local communities, at workplaces and at the national level as a whole.

Although the role of women through this journey and their participation in the development process has not been easy, their roles have evolved with time and many are still confronted with several limitations in terms of what they can achieve.

Despite this challenge, it is still worth celebrating the successes, achievements and the hard work of the many women who work assiduously to make life worth living for their families and the people around them.

The African woman has over the years fought against poverty, abuse and hardships, among other challenges in order to survive. Going forward, women must aspire for greatness in all their endeavours by first, having a vision, working towards achieving their goals, and making it a reality. It is equally important for women to encourage ourselves to aspire for greater ambitions.

Some questions worth pondering over include: what do you aspire to become, what impact do you want to have on others and what legacy do you want to leave behind? A life without a dream or vision can be likened to one lived to chance and mediocrity.

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New challenges

You must be bold to take up new challenges or roles and venture into different spheres of life. There are many roles that women are best fit to handle and are able to make real impact in. Remember the young girls in your communities look up to you and the world awaits your creativity.

You may never know what you have until you try to challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone. This explains why you must look into your immediate community and help address a solution to a problem.

In order to aspire for greater heights, the woman must rise up above every challenge hindering her education, the workplace or in business, marriage, childbirth, the raising of children, among others.

There is the need to take advantage of the proliferation of information, access to education and equal opportunities to live a fruitful life that can positively impact on others and even generations to come.

Every woman must rise up above every test and those, especially in the rural areas ,should be supported to achieve their aspirations in whichever field they choose. The woman should not be limited in any form or capacity by virtue of her gender and should, therefore, be equipped and supported to be the agent of change and lead in the development of our communities and our great nation.

Right attitude and mindset

In conclusion, the woman must have the right attitude and mindset in order to improve her life and that of others. The question is what are some of the old ways of doing things that hinder our progress? How can we improve on them? What are some of the new ways we can embrace to make things work better, efficiently and effectively?

The solution lies with our boldness, embracing change, daring to be different and living our dreams. Remember Rome was not built in a day; therefore, live one day at a time and do something about your aspirations today rather than waiting for everything to fall in place before we take action.

Let us challenge ourselves and be determined to make things work; be the agents of change in our communities and contribute to the society positively and make greater impact beyond our homes. You should never settle for less, work hard and take advantage of the opportunities we get making the most out of them.

Let us all respect the women we have been blessed with and take none for granted. God bless us all as we achieve prominence because we were created so. Happy Women’s Day to all women, we deserve this day.

Author: Founder of Womchild Foundation