Achimota Overhead Bridge deteriorating

BY: Hellen Grace Akomah
 The Achimota Overhead
The Achimota Overhead

Having a facility and seeing it deteriorate but turning a blind eye is painful for some.

If public infrastructure were to be maintained and any slight damage fixed quickly, it would have saved money and time.

In school, we were taught maintenance culture in social studies, but it is evident that is not practicable in Ghana!

The Achimota Overhead Bridge is deteriorating, with the cement eroding underneath it, exposing the iron rods.

Looking at the state of the bridge, it is obvious that the heavy duty trucks are a contributory factor, passing underneath the bridge with overloads of sand, stones or other materials that graze the bridge, hence the deterioration.

Some reports by local TV stations and websites have already been made but it seems authorities are sleeping on the job.

We must be proactive. Imagine the disaster if the bridge is left to deteriorate further.

Local authorities must go round every once in a while to inspect such public infrastructure and address any damage before it results in a disaster.

The Ministry of Roads and Highways, the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) and other relevant institutions should immediately avert the impending disaster now, not later.

The writer is an office assistant, Archi-Lab Consult Ltd, Accra.