What you say and do matters

BY: Graphic Showbiz
Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

As entertainers, it can be very tempting to get caught up in the euphoria and appeal that come with being popular and famous. When you have an army of fans and people who celebrate you and are ready do almost all your bidding, it is difficult to remain mature and level-headed.

We have all heard stories of entertainers making utterances and doing certain things, which can only be described as inappropriate and unbefitting of people of their stature. On some occasions, there are no further consequences as far as these actions are concerned but at other times, artistes careers have been negatively affected by what they say and do.


In this social media age, nothing is ever lost and a single indiscretion is more often than not, permanently stored on the Internet and readily available at the click of a button. We do not need to remind anyone of how strict event organisers and sponsors are about the image and brands of those they associate with, and we know this has resulted in artistes losing rather lucrative deals and endorsements.

As we enter a New Year, we at Showbiz would like to advise our artistes to exercise some discretion in their public activities. Even in the heat of the moment, before they take any action of posting statements and videos on social media, they need to take a second look at how such actions would look in the eyes of their fans and the public at large.

As the New Year rolls, so will the big events in Ghana too roll. And there is no doubt some of these big events help propel our entertainers outside the boundaries of Ghana making them gain some international recognition. This means that there is bound to be even more attention on them and they have to be guarded in all they say and do. A word to the wise is enough.