Vume, home of pottery

BY: Gabriel Ahiabor / The Mirror / Ghana

The art of pottery is as old as man and has been an important part of human culture for thousands of years.  Archeological sites  have revealed various  pottery works used by ancient civilisations. 

From prehistoric times to the present, clay has not only been used to create household items  such as bowls, stoves, ovens, storage jars, plates, platters and dishes but also rich art works as water and flower pots,  fountains and filter  for rain water among others.

In Ghana, ceramic pot making is an essential part of craft tradition  which  has generated a lot of international appeal.

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Ghanaian ceramic pot makers are famous for their intricate  workmanship which has evolved over the years.  Modern pottery pieces which come in various shapes and sizes  are colourful and appealing to the eyes. 

This is particularly true in the case of Vume in the Volta Region. The area, with its  natural beauty and inexhaustible flora and fauna, serene lake gardens  and abundant clay deposit has inspired the women to go into pottery.

Mrs Juana Dugbaza, the Managing Director of “Danjuan Ceramics” said pottery is the hobby for  the  people of Vume. She said most of the women in the town were engaged in traditional pot making which they inherited from their parents.

According to her,  the traditional pottery craft has been modernised with the use of ceramic materials for glazing.  She said their products were  selling very well in Accra, Tema, Koforidua and Aburi.

She appealed to the government and other benevolent organisations to provide them with modern facilities as blowers, pot mills, porters wheel  and rolling machines for slap work among others.