To Mum, my Angel, on her Birthday

BY: Adelaide Addo
Madam Philomina Oware
Madam Philomina Oware

Once upon a time, there was a woman to whom I was introduced without warning or choice. It was a match made in heaven, and we've come to believe that heaven never get it wrong.

Our bond was strong; I could feel her and she could feel me during our little adventure.

I needed to meet her in person as soon as possible since I couldn't continue this blind arranged connection but I stuck to the schedule and met her after nine months, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

I still feel her as she feels me; the established bond was never broken, and heaven did not make a mistake in choosing her to be my mother.

My words may never be sufficient to express my feelings and thoughts, but one thing is certain: I would never have made such a wise choice otherwise and it is because of this that I am able to make heaven guide me where I need to go.

Thank you, Akosua, for being and continuing to be the best-arranged link I never want to lose until the end of time.

Mum, I adore you. Cheers 🥂 to more years of blind arranged adventures.

--- Adelaide Addo