Lennox Lewis:Inside his mansion

BY: Graphic Sports
Lennox Lewis

Retired former heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis, has made a fortune from boxing and since hanging his gloves, the 50-year-old has acquired properties, including mansions.

His retirement has come with relaxation and the British-Canadian pugilist has the luxury of sleeping in any of his mansions dotted around the globe.

Particularly, this £4m extravagant mansion located in Jamaica positioned on a mountain with stunning views overlooking the Caribbean Sea.


The house, which is known as the Lion’s Lair, is derived from the nickname of the boxer, the Lion, during his days as a boxer.

Lewis, who was born in the UK to Jamaican parents before moving to Canada when he was 12, has lavished himself with the mansion that has a swimming pool which is 15 ft deep, and is styled to make it appear to drop away over the mountain.

Inside the multi-million mansion is an eclectic mix of sofas, arm chairs and other furniture, dining area with 10-seater table, entertainment room, 'industrial-style' kitchen and a top of the range gymnasium.