In a constantly changing world, how do we live?

It is in changing that we find purpose — Heraclitus

As a child, social, political and economic upheavals were unusual. 

In those days, the type of change that disturbed was the death of a relative, but the impact of that was not felt as much by children as adults bore the brunt of the attendant pressures.

Now an adult, I find change to be a constant feature of life.

Perhaps, it might have started in 2008, with the international credit crunch, which began in the US, leading to a banking crisis internationally.

Since then, we have had climate change, with hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and heat waves.

Today, the world still grapples with COVID-19 and it’s impact on the economies of countries globally, as well as societies.

There seems to be no end in sight with expert opinion divided.

While some say that we are not out of COVID-19 throes yet, optimistic others say the disease is easing and will soon become an endemic, that is, found only among particular people or in a certain area.


The changes of the past two decades and counting have come with equal pressure on individuals.

COVID-19 and lockdowns had attendant negative results on employment and lives generally.

An International Labour Organisation(ILO) Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work (Eighth edition)estimated that global hours worked in 2021 was 4.3 per cent below pre-pandemic levels (the fourth quarter of 2019), the equivalent of 125 million full-time jobs.

Lockdowns and drastic constant changes in all spheres of life, were the causes.

With all the constant changes around, how do we live?

The Bible offers hope, indeed, the teachings therein, when critically studied and adhered to, births the confidence to live and expect change in life regularly.

Because change is a constant, there is the need for wealth creation that is permanent and enduring, not susceptible to floods, earthquakes, COVID-quakes or hurricanes.

That is possible when one accepts Christ and puts his or her faith in Him as the anchor of life and the hereafter.


Life in this era must also be lived in expectation of any upheaval possible.

It could be an earthquake, it could be another devastating pandemic, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, etc, that could wipe away life’s investments.

In that case, how does one live?

Living in expectation of change always enables a person plan for all eventualities and planning is critical as we start a new year.

We ought to work out plans for change in our daily lives, the “what if...” type of plans.

That singular effort will set us off on a journey of discovery this new year.

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