Covid-19 death statistics...my opinion

BY: Prof Peter O. Twumasi
Prof Peter O. Twumasi, (Biochemist)
Prof Peter O. Twumasi, (Biochemist)

The COVID-19 infection is currently so common within the society that, if care is not taken, every death would be classified as C19 because almost everyone, healthy or sick, has a trace of the novel Coronavirus now (termed C19-related).

It is also true that almost all our heath workers, including doctors and nurses, have tested positive to C19. (The virus is present in our hospitals, wards or OPD). But the actual diseases killing people are known and must be tackled.

Testing positive to C19 does not mean it is one responsible for the death of a patient. It is like testing every dead body for the presence of malaria parasites, and attributing the cause of death to malaria (co morbidity). We all have malaria parasites at different thresholds but that won’t be linked to every death recorded in Ghana.

Remember, about 700 people die in Ghana daily even before C19.

Of course let's help reduce every infection including C19, but let’s do so without panic.

Written by Prof Peter O. Twumasi, (Biochemist)