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Archbishop Duncan-Williams leads 2022 Global Prayer Summit in America

BY: Pearl Akanya Ofori
Archbishop Duncan-Williams leads a teaching session at the 2022 Global Prayer Summit
Archbishop Duncan-Williams leads a teaching session at the 2022 Global Prayer Summit

Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a quiet and close-knit community in Prince George's County, USA, was the home to this year’s Global Prayer Summit, which occurred from July 13 to 16 this year.

The four-day extraordinary event was themed ‘Mount Up with Eagles Wings’.

The programme assembled about 2,000 believers from around the world to pray and intercede for their families, communities, nations, and cities to overcome every demonic scheme of the adversary.

The atmosphere created by the prayers of those in attendance was electrified by gifted musicians and singers. There were song ministrations from Ghanaian gospel artiste Joe Mettle, healing and deliverance services, along with teaching sessions led by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and other renowned preachers, including Prophetess Francina Norman (USA), Dr Sam Chand (USA), Prophet Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh (Ghana), Prophet Elisha Osei (Ghana), Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (USA) and Apostle Don Mears of (USA).

Gospel artiste Joe Mettle ministering at the 2022 Global Prayer Summit

In one of his teaching sessions, the Founder and General Overseer of Nicholas Duncan-Williams Ministries (NDWM), Archbishop Duncan-Williams, encouraged participants to continuously engage in effectual fervent prayers to avert any plan of the enemy over their lives.

“You need to make prayer your lifestyle. The enemy is seriously looking for someone to attack and you don’t have to be an easy target. He is busy with his kingdom. That’s why you need to be strategic when it comes to prayer because it destroys every machination of the adversary and causes the heavens to shift on your behalf,” he emphasised.

The 2022 Global Prayer Summit climaxed with a banquet to mark its 10th anniversary.

Since the inception of the Global Prayer Summit a decade ago, it has recorded many testimonies of answers to prayer from participants.

“I was at the ‘Thou Loose Conference’ under Bishop T D Jakes of Dallas, TX. However, when Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams announced the Prayer Summit, the Lord said “Go” and my life has not been the same. I’ve been coming every year until COVID-19 and my life has improved in every area and I’ve never been the same again,” one participant revealed.

The Global Prayer Summit is a gathering of Christians from all over the world who come together for divine impartation from Archbishop Duncan-Williams and to pray for revival and transformation in their countries and communities.