Cash processing equipment dealer staff build capacity

Mr Bin (left), and Mr Cho (right), taking some technicians / engineers through how to upgrade the software of SB9 two pocket value counter note counting machines
Mr Bin (left), and Mr Cho (right), taking some technicians / engineers through how to upgrade the software of SB9 two pocket value counter note counting machines

Ghanaian information technology (IT) company, ­ Alsale Services Limited, has completed a two-week capacity building session in Accra for staff on the operation and servicing of its range of money counting machines.

A Korean company, Hyundai MIB, which manufactures the SB9-two pocket value money counting machine for Alsale, held a one-week capacity-building session, while Chinese manufacturers of other range of money-counting machines, also facilitated the training for another week.

The training was to enhance the skills of staff of cash processing equipment dealer on the operation and servicing of the machines to enable the company to provide dependable after sales service to its customers.

Mr Boakye giving a speech at the closing ceremony

Mr Bin (left) presenting a certificate to Mr Emmanuel Doodo (Snr. service technician) with the MD Mr Ahmad Adade Boakye on the right, look on

Closing ceremony

At a ceremony to end the two-week training programme, the Managing Director (MD) of the company, Mr Ahmed Adade Boakye, charged the beneficiaries to put the knowledge they had acquired to use to enhance their performance and maintain public confidence in the company.

He underscored the need for such periodic training sessions because the money-counting machines could be complex to service or operate, especially after a software upgrade by manufacturers.

Mr Boakye said Alsale Services considered the sale of money-counting machines as its core business and not just a peripheral service and, therefore, was always devising ways to serve its customers better and help them boost their operations without having to worry about winding money processing and counterfeits.

“Alsale for the past 14 years has set standards to influence the industry with our innovation and practical solutions to cash processing and management in Ghana,” he noted.

He said the company’s quest to deliver modern solutions to cash processing had led to the development of many innovative products, such as the SB9-two pocket value counter. 

Training session with Korean manufacturer

Why the innovation

In an interview after the ceremony, Mr Boakye said the innovation was introduced as a comprehensive solution to the financial challenges of financial institutions.

“Our checks established that the Bank of Ghana (BoG) surcharges financial institutions four times the amount of undetected counterfeits brought to the BoG at any given time. We, therefore, thought of a way to help the financial institutions,” he stated.

The technicians / engineers showing their certificates after the closing ceremony with Mr Bin (2nd left), Mr Boakye (4th from the left) and Mr. Cho (1st on the right).

He indicated that the SB9-two pocket value counter, its latest innovation, facilitated the reduction of the risks of counterfeits involved in processing money, particularly by financial institutions.

Mr Boakye said he was optimistic that the SB9-two pocket value counter would provide an ultimate solution to money processing challenges and risks financial institutions faced.

Manufacturer’s remarks

Giving remarks at the ceremony, the Hyundai MIB Training Services Manager for Africa, Mr Ki-Hong Bin, commended Alsale for its impressive work in the financial services industry in Ghana.

He assured Alsale Services of the manufacturer’s support and assistance at all times.

The SB9-two pocket value counter

The SB9-two pocket value counter combines the use of ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), magnetic and other counterfeit detection mechanisms for cash processing, making the machine a multi-currency processor.

It can authenticate the cedi, the US Dollar, the British Pound, the euro and 50 other currencies.

The machine can process mixed value bills to ensure speed and efficiency and it is easy to operate.