Kaiser Obodai Torgbor hosts ‘The Direction’ tomorrow

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo

Ghanaian-US based religious leader, author and philanthropist, Kaiser Obodai Torgbor will host the new edition of his online conference dubbed, ‘The Direction’ tomorrow Saturday, August 28.

‘The Direction’ is birthed from the need to create an avenue for sharing his life’s experiences as a guide and a mentoring platform for patrons, particularly the youth to make positive decisions for themselves.

A monthly online conference (occasionally bimonthly) that hosts various speakers across the globe, the event merges the importance of carving one’s own path in accordance with an individual’s unique purpose through the guidance of speakers.

Kaiser who is also an investor, speaker, and entrepreneur similarly uses the conference as useful means to discuss relevant topics that resonates with various individuals from diverse backgrounds to steer them on the right path of decision making.

“It’s very important to give the next generation of leaders a strong foothold about the power of decision making and the monthly online conference provides the right platform to gain knowledge and share ideas,” he stated.

Inception “The Direction” online conference started from May 2021, and it has featured individuals like William Broussard (USA), Michael Adomako (USA), and Joel Duncan Williams (USA/Ghana).

Speakers for the coming edition include Author Ralph Antwi (Ghana), Wendy Asare (USA) and Jamila Vizcaino (USA) with Vincent Kpodo, a preacher, entrepreneur, author and US military veteran gracing today’s session.

According to Kaiser, who is the author of “Peg and Tents” with lots of influence in Ghana, South Africa and United States encouraged patrons to participate via zoom at 4pm.

“The time is 8pm GMT across the globe and can also follow The Direction on Instagram @thedirection_talk,” he noted.