Anita Erskine speaks at LEAD Series

BY: Delali Sika
Anita Erskine
Anita Erskine

RADIO and television personality, Anita Erskine has been unveiled as the next guest for the fifth edition of the 2017 LEAD Series.

LEAD (Learn, Evolve, Apply, Dominate) organised by OMNIS2131 has had the likes of  Hiplife Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone, blogger Ameyaw Debrah  and Nabil Alhassan, CEO OF Event Factory pass through to share their experiences in the entertainment industry.

Scheduled for Sunday, September 24 at the African Regent Hotel, Anita says she is expecting the attendees to leave the venue reformed.

“It is an honour to be named as the first female to impact the lives of the youth since the LEAD Series started. I will do well to make sure I speak to the souls of those who will make time to spend that day with me.

“There are so many things going on that as a mother and a public figure, I need to address and I can’t go around addressing it to individuals so when I get platforms like this, I give it my all,” she said.

Explaining why they decided to use Anita for this edition, originator of the series and host of Live FM’s LBC, Jay Foley said, “Anita Erskine is a strong female personality with high levels of confidence which has led her to heights in media communications.

“Anita has set standards for many organisations and individuals and my team and I feel that it was just right that she shares her story with the youth,” he said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

According to Jay Foley, the series is his way of giving back to the society.

“Over the years, individuals across the globe have developed their ideas and innovations to limits that have earned them not only high recognition, but affected positively, the way of life of many others.
“These stories of the achievers have become the strategy for success, followed by people who desire it. The LEAD Series is a special product designed by the 2131Clubs to connect individuals to these stories,” he said.

He added, “LEAD Series is aimed at inspiring generations through the tales of successful personalities and basics of individuals whose innovations have one way or the other changed the course of humanity.”