Trouble just doesn’t find me—Nikki Samonas

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo & Kofi Duah

MOST celebrities find it extremely difficult to stay away from controversies but for actress Nikki Samonas, staying away from trouble is ‘easy does it’ and that has really helped her brand.

Nikki has kept a clean sheet as far as controversies are concerned and she told Graphic Showbiz that trouble just doesn’t find her.

“Prayers and staying out of trouble have given a positive image to my brand. Trouble just doesn’t find me but if it finds me, silence is the best treatment, that’s what I will say.

“It’s always about your talent though. Talent takes you places so that comes first and other requirements will follow so we can’t rule out talent,” she said.

We asked her if there is any pressure from her family for her to settle down and this is what she said: “No, thankfully enough, I have a very supportive family and they are happy when I am.

"So they don’t give me any kind of extensive pressure at all. I will however get there one day and with lovely children too.

Away from that, Nikki Samonas said she had been busy working and she shared some of her projects with Graphic Showbiz.

“I have a project sponsored by Access Bank on YouTube called All Walks of Life. We just finished Season Two. I just finished another project produced by Cem Media and ifactorylive Africa called Single Not Searching, directed by Michael Djaba.

“It is an American and African co-production filmed in Ghana and Atlanta with stars including myself, American actress Lisa Raye, cast from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and South Africa. It is going to be released globally.

“And I am also in a production for the Ghanaian and West African market which also involved some Nigerian cast. It’s called A Few Good Men,” she said.

“One movie that I did is out already. It is by Shirley Frimpong-Manso called Us In Between. It is about Covid-19 and stars the likes of Adjetey Annang, Senanu Gbadawu, Oscar Provencal, Lydia Forson, Gloria Osei Sarfo, among others."

According to her, last year was not too good as far as productions were concerned.

“Last year was pretty hard on most of us because Covid-19 was big but it picked up tremendously from late last year.

In the next five years, Nikki hopes to see her brand growing bigger.

“I would like to see my brand going out of Africa and I would love to see my ‘kiddieboobs’ with me. I will also like to be still inclined with God,” she said.