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Toospyce's El Santo takes on fake friends and family

Toospyce's El Santo takes on fake friends and family

Ghanaian rap sensation Toospyce has dropped her newest single, El Santo, and she is sending a powerful message about the importance of supporting friends and family in times of need.


Released on Friday, May 10, 2024, the three-minute song talks about fake friends and relatives who turn a blind eye to the struggles of those in their circle.

In El Santo, which is a Spanish word which means The Saint, Toospyce highlights the prevalence of envy and the harmful impact it can have on individuals and communities. The song urges listeners to create an environment of support and solidarity, where everyone can thrive without fear of jealousy or resentment.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Toospyce explained, “The inspiration behind this song is about the street and what happens there. Most at times, people could help their friends out with certain situations but they would rather sit back and watch the outcome. This is one issue affecting the street and also causing harm to individuals.

“There is always less hatred when everyone in your circle is winning. If you are the only person winning, people start to envy you. Let us all do our best to support people so that we can have a sane society,” she said.

Explaining why she chose a Spanish title for the song, Toospyce revealed, “the reason for the title is because El Santo, who was a Mexican wrestler, was best known for fighting for the street and keeping things in order. El Santo is the Spanish word for 'the saint’ and I thought it wise to use his name for my song’s title."

Toospyce made history in 2022 as the first female rapper to win the ultimate prize on TV3's reality tv music show, Mentor.

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