Ghana's dance culture losing its popularity - Van Calebs

Van Calebs
Van Calebs

Ghanaian choreographer and dance instructor Van Calebs has expressed worry over how Ghanaian dance culture is losing its popularity.

According to Van Calebs, many Ghanaian youths who are into dancing want to learn about other dance cultures', which, according to him, was a worrying precedent.

Van Calebs, who was born into a family of dancers in Agbozume in the Volta Region, said that more efforts must be made by the government to instil Ghanaian traditional dance culture in schools.

"We have to do more to sustain our dance heritage and even modernise it to suit the young ones. Sometimes they find our traditional dance very archaic and do not want to learn it," he said.

He added that he was passionate about the growth of the Ghanaian indigenous dance and would soon set up youth cultural groups to enable young people to learn.

"We have so many tribes in Ghana who have unique dance routines and I find it fascinating as a dancer and I wish the younger ones would also learn.

"I have plans to set up clubs which would not only teach dance routines across the country but also learn about the cultures," Vans Calebs said in an interview.

The dancing gem was recently honoured at the Spotlight and Creative awards for his contribution towards the growth of Ghanaian dance culture.