Nigerians adore our talents, but... - Prince David Osei

BY: Bridget Aazore Yuora
Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei
Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has urged Ghanaians to love and appreciate talents in the country rather than using Nigerian stars as benchmark in the showbiz industry.

According to him, if Ghanaians develop the habit of supporting and loving each other’s talents, it will promote the industry.

He says Ghanaians will stop finding faults with local acts altogether, because they are good at their acts.

“In Ghana we don’t really appreciate our own and support our own, that is the hallmark of the whole problem. If we celebrate our people and appreciate the talents God has given to this nation, it will go a long way to encourage people to go beyond being a star in Ghana and looking beyond,” he stressed.

In a telephone interview on Accra based Hitz FM, the actor revealed how on his visits to Africa's most populous nation, Nigerians appreciate and love Ghanaian talents, explaining how some wish to shoot movies with Ghanaian actors and actresses. “When we meet head to head, they are afraid. They go like Ghanaians are intelligent, Ghanaians speak good English, Ghanaian movies… some of them will love to come to Ghana, to them it’s a big deal to come and film in Ghana with Ghanaian actors and actresses.”

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Prince David Osei said although Nigerians adore Ghanaian talents, they don't discourage their own. "They adore Ghanaian talents and appreciate us too much…, (but) they also appreciate their people and don’t just condemn their own.”

Prince David Osei also admitted that Nigerians are making impacts globally because of their ambitious nature.

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“Nigerians are naturally aggressive to success, they will do anything to succeed… Nigerians are very ambitious, everywhere you go Nigerians are making impacts,”

The actor further stressed that there are a lot of good talents out there but because they don’t get the necessary support, they are forced to go out somewhere to be accepted.