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Do you want to know if your partner is loyal? Read this!
Do you want to know if your partner is loyal? Read this!

Do you want to know if your partner is loyal? Read this!

WE’RE often told that loyalty is a key aspect of any healthy, successful relationship. But what precisely is loyalty, and what does it look like being loyal? Why is it important, and how can you work on and strengthen the trust in your own relationship?


Loyalty can be defined as faithfulness to commitments – in this case, your relationship with your significant other. Honouring your commitments to your partner is an important part of any relationship –  making sure everyone in the relationship feels supported and loved. 

There are many ways of demonstrating trust and loyalty in a relationship, some more obvious than others.

Here are 10 signs your significant other is loyal to you

* They prioritise you

A loyal partner takes time for you regardless of what’s going on in their own lives, even if it’s just a quick check-in text or a kiss before they leave for work. If it’s a choice between plans with you and plans with a friend, they choose you more often than not.

* They don’t argue with or badmouth you in public

No couple is in perfect agreement all the time. But a loyal partner doesn’t make an issue of things in front of other people – any disagreements are handled when it’s just the two of you. It’s the same for any criticism, especially when it comes to friends or family.

* They delete dating apps off their phone

The point of dating apps is to find a relationship… and a loyal partner deletes the ones on their phone once they’re exclusive. They recognise the temptation these apps can represent even to the healthiest relationships) and take steps to avoid them.

* They’re aware you both have weaknesses   

Nobody is perfect, and a loyal partner recognises that. While they will hold you accountable when it’s necessary, they’ll understand that mistakes happen, and that people aren’t perfect. They’ll help you work on your weaknesses and let you help them work on theirs.

* They do things for you without being asked

Whether it’s small things like a random compliment just because or a trinket picked up because they were thinking of you, or larger things like showing up with soup when you’re sick or taking care of a chore, a loyal partner will find ways to show they care.

* They set clear boundaries with friends

Everyone needs friends, even or perhaps especially people in relationships. A loyal partner will set clear boundaries. However, it is important to make sure you’re comfortable with the way they interact with their friends.

* They stick around even when you’re not at your best

It’s easy to be loyal when things are going well; it’s when things aren’t that you truly find out whether your significant other is as faithful as you hope they are. A loyal partner won’t run away when there are problems; they’ll help you solve them.

* They don’t get jealous

Loyalty and trust go hand in hand… which is why a loyal partner doesn’t get jealous without considerable provocation. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt your relationship, and they’re secure enough in said relationship to know you wouldn’t either.

* They don’t hide you from friends or family

While discretion is necessary sometimes, a loyal partner should be happy to show you off to family and friends. Whether that’s spending time with them, keeping you in the loop when it comes to gossip, or simply talking to them about you, a loyal partner has no compunctions sharing you with the people they love.

* They’re honest with you

While it can be tempting to lie to keep the peace, a truly loyal partner will tell you the truth even if it makes things a little uncomfortable in the short run. You can trust them to tell you what’s really on their minds even if it’s not what you want to hear. 


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