Do I annoy Ghanaians?-Mzbel

BY: Gifty Owusu Amoah

Sultry diva, Mzbel may have had enough of negative publicity she courts so often but is unsure whether she just irritates people or the negative perception are borne out of a lack of understanding of her personality.


In a career that has thrived so much on controversy for over a decade, it appears the negative publicity has got under her skin and suspects strongly she is a constant feature in a lot of conversation because Ghanaians don’t understand her and what she represents in show business.

“I don’t know what the problem is but it seems I annoy many Ghanaians and they find joy in just tarnishing my image with negative coments.

“I’m not sure they hate me, that is far beyond description of their affection for me. The problem is that they have refused to understand me because I annoy them. The truth is that, I don’t even understand them too,” Mzbel told Showbiz last Tuesday.

Her suggestive lyrics and risqué image on stage and in some of her music videos have often attracted harsh criticisms, including derogatory descriptions such as pornographic. But the music star will have none of those comments and want to be allowed to freely express herself.

Mzbel stressed that she was not a gospel artiste and as such, what many described as “pornography and shameless” was part of her act as an artiste.

“I don’t even know what their problem is. What do they want me to wear? Ah! we live in this country and see female gospel artiste wear revealing dresses for functions and in their music videos, no one talks about it.

”I want such people to know that I’m not a gospel artiste and have every right as part of my art to expose some parts of my body if that  conforms to my brand.

“I’m not in competition with anyone. I just do what makes me feel good and happy and shouldn’t be the business of people who know nothing about me. If they can’t understand Mzbel, then I’m sorry to let them know that I don’t understand them too for not accepting me for who I am,” she stated.

Mzbel’s love for her risqué dressing have mostly being criticised for not being part of the Ghanaian culture.  Nonetheless, the Legelege artiste says such hypocritical criticisms of people couldn’t be justified because there are cultures in Ghana that permit teenagers to expose themselves during some rites.

“That argument is baseless. If that is the case, then everything we do here is not part of our culture. We have people who walk in the scorching sun in suit and tie. Is that dressing a Ghanaian culture? We select and erase what suits us as a people, that’s the reason I don’t want to give ear to such hypocritical comments,” she added.

Known in private life as Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, Mzbel returned to the showbiz scene in February this year after a maternity break with the launch of her Red Carpet Show — her comeback show.

For now, the Awoso Me hit maker championing a campaign to educate Ghanaians on the need to conserve energy with her Help Stop Dumsor project which has Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), GRIDCO and Volta River Authority as sponsors.