Amakye Dede's birthday concert with Lee Duodu, Charles Amoah was ‘serious’

BY: Doreen Hammond
Amakye Dede's birthday Concert with Lee Duodu, Charles Amoah
Amakye Dede's birthday Concert with Lee Duodu, Charles Amoah

Saturday night I was at the Amakye Dede birthday concert at the Bayview Village, at Atomic junction in Accra.

It was so “Seeeerious”! Amakye Dede is a real LEGEND!

I couldn't sit! His lyrics (sometimes philosophical) rhythm, command of the stage and interaction with audience was phenomenal!

Thomas the violinist still keeps his cool as he complements the master!

As a matter of fact, Iron boy has been consistent with excellent performance over the years appealing to both the old and young.

When I heard one of the MCs, Abeiku Santana acknowledge my presence as Editor of The Mirror, my dance steps changed to the fifth gear herrrh 💃💃💃.

Another MC, 💥 Edem Mensah-Tsotorme kept the concert lit 💥 in spite of some earlier technical difficulties which took sometime to resolve.

Not surprising at all! Where there is Edem, there has always been thrill! Then Andy Dosty did his thing during interludes; DJ papa paaaa.

I was engulfed in nostalgia as Lee Duodu gave me my "Ahuma tia" ! Couldn't believe he is almost 70 years !

Then I heard "Asaawa do " as Charles Amoah paced the stage with energy; his unique brand of high life, costume , dance moves - backsliding, his now grey- haired ponytail and all! So thrilling!

When Kofi Kinata took the stage, the audience went wild💥 He is something else! I needed God to take the steer as I drove back home knackered by maximum entertainment!

I can't wait for next concert ooo High life is timeless 😀Again , how come the place was so full when Ghanaians say there is no money in January?😀