Adomaa drops first EP off ‘Adomaa Vs Adomaa’ on Saturday


Afro-jazz singer Adomaa is set to dominate the music space from Saturday, September 8, 2018, as she drops the first EP off her much-awaited project, ‘Adomaa Vs Adomaa.’

The ‘Adomaa Vs Adomaa’ project is a 14-track compilation of songs broken into 2 separate EPs, with 7 songs on each side.

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The first EP tagged ‘Adomaa Vs Adomaa (Taiye),’ sees the singer venturing into the Afrobeats, Highlife and dancehall genres of Ghanaian music, which she executes brilliantly.

It has stellar features from the multi-award winning Stonebwoy, BBnZ’s prised jewels Ko-Jo Cue & Shaker, and the multi-talented producer/singer Reynolds TheGentleMan who produces all but one song on this side of the project.

The second EP drops less than two weeks after, on Thursday, September 20, 2018, and showcases the singer’s more alternative side.

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To kick off the project, Adomaa is releasing a single titled ‘Identity’ tonight, a light-hearted song about her duality as a Ghanaian-Nigerian.

The single is ably produced by UK-based ace international producer, DJ Juls, also of BBnZ Live.

The ‘Adomaa Vs Adomaa’ project is executive produced by Aftown, the foremost Ghanaian music streaming and sales platform, which has signed the singer to this double project deal.

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It is done in collaboration with artiste collective VI Music, and will be available on Aftown for streaming and sale after release.