Actress Rabby Bray named brand ambassador for eco-friendly tissue paper

BY: GraphicOnline
Actress Rabby Bray named brand ambassador for eco-friendly tissue paper
Actress Rabby Bray named brand ambassador for eco-friendly tissue paper

Ghanaian Actress Rabby Bray has signed a one-year contract to become an ambassador for a new eco-friendly toilet paper made in Ghana from bamboo.

In an interview yesterday during the signing in Accra, the actress stated that in recent times, being concerned about the environment had become more of a responsibility than an option.

The producers of the eco-friendly toilet roll, Fay International, added that the new toilet roll made from bamboo, was the best option for users and a healthier environment.

In explaining why she signed on as an ambassador for the new bamboo range of toilet rolls from Fay International, Actress Rabby stated that there were major benefits to society.

"The growth rate at which bamboo matures is faster relative to trees... Whereas, trees will even take years. So, in terms of demand from the public, bamboo can help producers meet that need. Also, using Bamboo will mean that there will be no need to cut more trees just to make toilet rolls, thereby preserving our forests and vegetation. And, we must carefully note that this particular product from 'Fay International', has a brown colour, meaning that no chemicals or bleach has been added, therefore, it is very natural; and I am a nature loving person", she said.

Emphasizing the need for the new bamboo range of tissues, the Managing Director of 'Fay International' Jeanine Hage-Ali, producers of the Faytex Bamboo Toilet Roll said that Bamboo toilet paper was a better alternative to regular toilet paper.

"We are very excited to promote the Bamboo toilet paper. Most toilet papers are made from wood pulp or trees, and as we at 'Fay International' are ecological friendly, we are trying to remain not harmful to the environmental as well. This Bamboo toilet paper is also hypoallergenic meaning it doesn't cause allergies and it doesn't clog your toilets too. It's also a fact that Bamboo is widely grown in Ghana, so we are also providing income for local Bamboo farmers and labour for Ghanaian workers... that is to say that the raw materials are locally sourced and so we don't need to import anything", she explained.

Actress Rabby Bray has been the ambassador for the 'Faytex' brand for some time now, but this new signing ushers her into a one-year campaign for "Healthier Toilet Paper" usage in Ghana.