Nii Bi features Adane Best on ‘Yaafonu’

BY: Graphic Showbiz / Ghana


Nii Bi, who used to be known as F Gee when he was a member of the Klala group, has been fairly busy since the break-up of the unit.

His latest  piece is titled  Yaafonu (Tears) and it features well-known singer, Adane Best. Recorded at the Second To None Studio at Osu in Accra, Nii Bi says the song will be included in his upcoming album called Dromo.

Yaafonu is an upbeat track about lost love, jealousy, forgiveness and how to treat a woman well to retain her love.  Xylophone sounds spice the track and gives it a pleasant  flavour.

Nii Bi is one of the young generation of musicians working hard to sustain the Ga language in their work. Collaborating with Adane Best, another champion of  the use of Ga in popular music, is therefore a valuable combination of  talents  to enhance contemporary music rendered in Ga. 

“Adane  has contributed greatly to Ga songs over the last decade and more. I’m happy he sees the need to  work closely with younger practitioners like me, to help keep Ghanaian music still vibrant,” says Nii Bi.

He  was part of the Klala group nominated for honours in the Discovery of the Year and Hiplife Song of the Year categories at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards.

Nii Bi has tried to keep active with live performances and recordings since Klala disbanded.  He released a single last year called Yaaya Akaida which helped solidify the Akaida dance.

Yaafonu definitely helps Nii Bi sustain his stance as an active recording artiste. The lively track is likely to keep his fans happily on their feet till he drops more stuff.