Music, Money & Marriage: 20 things you never knew about Wizkid


Wizkid granted his first interview in 2014 on Twitter a few days ago. Thanks to MTV Base (who organised the chat), fans were able to ask the Pop Star just about anything, and for once Wizzy actually shared with his over one million fans on the social network, some truth about himself.

NET highlights 20 things you possibly never knew about the ‘On top your matter‘ singer

1. Wizkid writes all his songs himself.

2. Wizkid has no plans for marriage

3. Wizkid says he will tour as far as Australia 

4. There won’t be auditions to join Wizkid’s StarBoy label

5. The three things Wizkid loves about South Africa are the people, the scenery, and the women

6. Wizkid’s says he was paid N20,000 for his first performance! 

7. How does Wizkid spend his leisure time? He’ll just watch a movie or spend time with his son. 

8. Wizkid doesn’t charge for features, if he likes it, he’ll jump on it! 

9. Wizkid’s favourite shoes – Jordans! 

10. Wizkid says he’s got 122 pairs of shoes! 

11. Wizkid’s favourite African act is Fela 

12. For inspiration, Wizkid listens to Fela and Bob Marley

13. Wizkid has plans to work with the likes of Chris Brown and Asa 

14. The only thing Wizkid does for a living is make music

15. Wizkid has got 11 tattoos 

16. Wizkid says the one song he wasn’t too happy releasing was ‘Wiz party’

17. Wizkid’s father used to be a politician 

18. Wizkid doesn’t watch football 

19. Wizkid says we should expect a StarBoy album this year 

20. Wizkid is in total support of the #BringBackOurGirls movement