Miss Malaika 22 contestants to show creativity and innovation

BY: Delali Sika

Contestants for this year's Miss Malaika will today show how creative they are when it comes to innovations.

The contestants will produce a billboard inspired photoshoot and video for brands such as Club Shandy, Lux, Pepsodent and Vaseline.

In a pre-recorded episode which airs on GHOne TV and Mx24 at 9pm today, the task is an indication that the beauty pageant has gone beyond showcasing just 'beauty'.

 "Over the years, we have come across beautiful ladies who are knowledgeable so for this season, one of our aims is to tap into it and to show it to the world," Teddy Nanor, producer for Miss Malaika 22 told Graphic Showbiz.

Some of the actions the judges for this episode look out for are, props, poses, concepts, attitude, costumes and scenery.

In an interview with one of the contestants, Julia Burton, she stated that their task was an eye opening one.

“I learnt a lot that would be useful to me even after the competition. I must say I had no idea I was this creative until we were tasked to come out with creatives to help sell a brand. Apart from that, I realised that I  am also brand and I must work to be a good one,” she said.

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Today’s episode will also be streamed on YouTube: CharterhouseLive and Facebook: Miss Malaika Ghana.

Miss Malaika Ghana is a Charterhouse production.