'Mary at the Court of Law' premieres

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
'Mary at the Court of Law' opens in Accra
Mary took God to court

THE main chapel of the Qodesh Family Church at North Kaneshie was Tuesday filled to capacity as the church premiered Mary at the Court of Law, a Christian movie written and produced by one of their own, Lady Pastor Nora Osei-Bonsu.

Mary at the Court of Law has quite an interesting storyline in that Mary, mother of Jesus takes God Almighty to court for killing her son through a mob action and crucifies Him on the cross at Calvary.

The movie directed by Dickson Gyakpasu and Patrick Collins opens with Mary having a chat with God and asking Him why He took her son away from her and have Him murdered in such a humiliating manner. Certainly, Mary needs answers and she is left with no other option than to head to court.

She first lodges a complaint at the Tesano Police Station and the officers on duty couldn’t believe she had actually come in to lodge a complaint against God Almighty.

When they attempt to invite God for questioning, the whole of the Police Station shakes and everything scatters with the officers running for cover.

So Mary ends up in court and she has a long list of complaints all against God Almighty, “God said my son Jesus will be strong and brave but when He stood before Pilate, He couldn’t even speak. God said my son will be a King and live forever but He was murdered.

“Every mother’s dream is to see her son grow and become responsible but He was killed like a common criminal,” she said.

Witnesses like Peter Fisherman, Joseph Josephs and the Police Officer are called into the witness box for cross-examination by both the Defence Counsel and the Prosecutor and it was such a spectacle to behold.

The defence counsel asks Mary how God could kill Jesus if it is the same God who makes Jesus do great things but she insists that God killed her son.

The female judge, Judge Judith is very firm and she did well to bring the Defence Counsel who often drifts and shares jokes to order reminding him that he is in court and not the theatre.

The whole trial causes so much buzz on social and traditional media with many people wondering how anyone would dare take God to court.

Before judgement is given after both the prosecutor and defence counsel give their closing statements, people start screaming, “He is Risen” in the courtroom and on the streets, infact everywhere.

It turns out that everything that was happening is a dream Mary had that she had taken God to court and what a way the director of the movie swerved everyone who couldn’t wait to hear the judgement to see whether God Almighty is guilty or not.

So far, Mary at the Court of Law has beeen shown at some Lighthouse Cathedrals, Makarios Church, East Legon Hills among others.

On May 1, 2022, it might be hosted at Calvery Baptist Church and will soon hit the Silver Bird Cinemas.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz, the producer of gthe movie, Lady Pastor Nora Osei-Bonsu disclosed she started working on the movie in 2019.

“I started shooting Mary at the Court of Law in February 2019. We were about premiering it in March 2020 when COVID-19 hit so it had to be put on hold.

“The corona virus pandemic not withstanding, I will say my biggest challenge was transitioning from writing and producing stage plays to movies.

“We had a lot of re-shoots. We threw away alot of shots. We also had sound related issues and financial ones too.”

Asked who make up the cast, Lady Pastor Osei-Bonsu said the actors came from different denominations.

“Some were from First Love Church, Qodesh Family Church, Makarios Church, Central Gospel Church and Calvary Baptist Church”, she added.