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Tue, Aug

M-NET introduces new movie channel

Come Friday, July 1 and M-Net will launch a brand new, feel-good movie channel - M-Net Movies Smile, which will offer a variety of choices for movie lovers. 

As the name suggests, this is the channel guaranteed to bring satisfaction to viewers.

What’s more, the month of July will also bring with it new changes that include the revamp of M-Net Movies Showcase. The addition of M-Net Movies Smile (DStv channel 105) and the revamp of M-Net Movies Showcase (moving from DStv channel 108 to 107) will mean that three of the existing movie channels - M-Net Movies Comedy (DStv channel 104), M-Net Movies Family (DStv channel 105) and M-Net Movies Romance (DStv channel 107) will no longer exist 

Again, DStv will add more value to the Compact Plus and Compact packages with the addition of M-Net Movies Stars which will bring viewers more entertainment with the best of Hollywood blockbusters while Africa Magic Igbo (DStv channel 159) will be made available to the Family and Access packages from July.

These channel changes are part of M-Net’s efforts to streamline its channels in order to enhance DStv subscribers’ viewing experience.

From July, the number of movie channels will be trimmed down from nine to seven well-curated movie channels that will feature a fewer number of older library movies in the schedule to keep the movie offering new and fresh.