It’s ok to ‘pause’ to make babies—Lamisi to female acts

BY: Delali Sika
Traditional music singer, Lamisi

BOUNCING back after childbirth seems to be one of the challenges females in the music industry face because they will have to sacrifice the job they love to look after a child they love.

As a result, some ‘shelve’ having children for fear of not getting to where they want with their career since they see some who go ahead to experience motherhood literally go missing in action.

Also, for others, their worry is over how childbirth may take a toll on their bodies and their ability to work again.

But traditional music singer, Lamisi, who was deliverered of a baby boy recently, does not think taking a break to experience motherhood should derail any female musician’s career.

According to her, women in the music fraternity who desire to make a family should go ahead and do so.

“It is alright to press the pause button on one’s music career and go have children. There is nothing wrong if you want to take a break to do that.

"In fact, I want to use this medium to advise any woman in the industry who wants to have children but is scared she may lose certain things or will not able to bounce back, to have a change of mind.

“Do not be worried to take a break, in fact, it’s ok to do that. For how long are you going to keep holding back. Some women may have one or two issues that might delay or biologically deny them experiencing motherhood but if all things are kosher, just go for it.

"It’s a great feeling and babies are blessing,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, September 7,2021.

There have been instances where females who have taken time off to make families have been denied gigs and Lamisi says there must be something wrong with any event organiser who does that to any female musician.

“Motherhood is not something to be ashamed of and whoever denies you an offer to perform because you are pregnant or have a baby should not be classified as a human.

Describing how motherhood makes her feel, she said, “It’s awesome, it makes me feel more responsible and loved although it comes with sleepless nights. Waking up to a beautiful smile every morning is unexplainable so it’s been a good feeling.

"There is this sense of longing, knowing that someone’s life and needs depend on you. There’s this urge to work harder than before. I feel so in love than ever.”

Asked how she intends to combine motherhood and music since working nights and weekends would not be easy, Lamisi says, “motherhood will not affect me, not really.

"It’s a matter of planning with my team to know how to handle my activities and engagements. Just a little break is needed to take care of my baby in the early days and also for post-partum recovery.

“You see, I worked as long as my body permitted me while pregnant till I delivered and I am back already because I feel I am fit to perform again”, she added.

Away from motherhood, Lamisi mentioned projects she is working on, “currently, I am back on stage and actively performing. I am also working on my second studio album but before then, I would be releasing a few singles.

“Another big project I am working on is teaming up with the Afua Sarpong Foundation, an NGO to create more awareness and education on preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterised by high blood pressure of which I was victim.

"It’s a silent killer of pregnant women and information on it can save many lives.”