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2014 Gone; 2015 here

The year 2014 is gone with all its good, bad and ugly issues.  Happy New Year!!! This year is our year!  All the arrears we have in respect of unaccomplished plans of 2014 will be accomplished. Our hopes are high. It shall be well with us.  2015, here we come!

Concerns of a famished soul

I'm in a rush to consume my "soakings". But let me pause and wish you the best of the season. This wish is straight from my heart, okay?

Kaakyire Kwame Appiah

Bend-down to the rescue

Seven more days and Christmas will arrive at its destination.  To commemorate the occasion, everyone is buying; buying anything they can lay hands on. I am one of such shoppers – an initially perturbed one.  But no more.    

Email from Sandra: Not for everyone

On Saturday, my short and fleshy friend, Portia, whom I hadn’t seen in a while passed by our home on her way from a wedding.  There was so much to laugh about.

One for Old Rascal

Sometimes the romantic half of me takes over my emotions.  And I dare say that sometimes, I can really be overly passionate!  On the contrary, Obodai, until recently, wasn’t that dreamy.  Thanks to his temperament.

Maymi's Shrimps (I)

I had a little problem with my telecom service provider and therefore paid a visit to their customer care department to have the issue sorted.  Upon arrival at the reception, I was led to a cubicle which had three seats and a desk, to see an officer who was supposed to have answers to all my questions.  

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