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But for the fonts and pronouns …

The well decorated chapel exuded nothing but melancholy.  The black and red draping on various sections of the tall walls in the room had created a hue so thick, no joy could permeate.  

The wailing of women mostly filled the chapel as the organist, a grey-haired pensioner whose only duty it was, to play tunes to bid farewell the soul of dearly departed, ensured that his skills for that morning were apt. 

A site for galamsey

Here on the top of my dining table, beside my window, do I sit, watching the heavens pour in litres.  My eyes are welled up too – they shed tears for the broken fence walls that caged up our home.  

As my abode reels under possible floods, my fleshy African lips are pouted in the direction of my neighbour’s house; the man who offered to supervise the dredging of our gutters in the area; the sand-filled gutters which could qualify for a galamsey operator’s exploration site.  In fact, if I hadn’t been told there existed gutters in those depths, I wouldn’t have known.  Hmm.

Seriously. During the day, the heat wraps around you so much, you feel as though you would suffocate from its embrace.

Sun, sun go away

The Sun!  The sun is melting Ghana.  What can we do about it? Hmm. My Very Eyes May Just See Under Nine Planets.  Who remembers this mnemonic for the order of the planets orbiting the Sun?

‘Menace’ of social media

I am bothered by something you might consider insubstantial.  But I guess talking about it will make me feel better. Lies! Social media lies!  Why at all can't some people be sincere with their comments on social media?  Eh? 

Cheeeeeeese!: e-mail from Sandra

“Ready, steady, cheeeeeese!” Kre.  Back in the day, one needed to wait for days for a photographer to develop photos taken; celluloid negatives from square shaped double-decker Kodak, Canon, Nikon or Fuji camera were sent into dark rooms to be developed before one could take possession of their photographs.    

Today, technology has made “bunkum,” the procedural delays in photo developing.  Presently, photographs are able to capture shots and print almost immediately, at functions.  Full sophistication all the way. 

Email from Sandra' Onko and I

All too soon, a week has passed since we celebrated the death of our Lord. I hope you had a long restful weekend.  Well, mine was restful till the night of Resurrection, Sunday when my 72-year-old uncle decided to switch me into a keep-vigil-with-me mode.  

I can still feel the fatigue of that night, twirling around my eyes.  Whoever said baldness was caused by piles? Or should I put it this way, do piles cause baldness?  I just don’t get it. 

Wet and sad

My carpet is wet!  Yes, the carpet in my living room is wet.  I haven’t been a particularly happy person these past few days.  Who wants to live with such a hostile pong?

I prayed and prayed for the rains to come.  And they’ve visited twice already, with pomp and show; its attendance coolness which lasted a few hours was much appreciated.  Oh why did this roof repairer do this to me?

Last season, my roof developed cracks - thanks to a plumber who came to repair a problem on our overhead water tank.  He fixed the overflow, but the legacy the plumber left us couldn’t compare to the agony we were to subsequently endure.

Rain rain

Rain rain come again

It is with a beating heart that I boldly ask this question:  when will the rains in Accra come pouring? I need to ask this question.  Looks to me it’s been a long time coming. 

One huge dining blunder

Anytime I talk about importance of people knowing how to eat properly with such ‘weapons’ as forks and knives, some of my friends simply don’t understand me at all.

They keep telling me that we are Ghanaians and for that matter, are under no obligation to muster the art of cutlery usage at table.

Free from Wires

Some are padded, some are plain.  They can be strapless or convertibles.  Their caps fill out in various forms, underwired or not.  Growing up, we used to call them bodice.  With the passage of eras, they became known as brassieres.

Many bra designs have come and gone. In general, women like bras that are good looking and offer strong support.  Brassieres! Which types are healthier?

While in a phone chat last Thursday with Emefa, one of my work colleagues, she mentioned how she had been ill in the weeks that passed. 

She said to me, “Ablah, my entire diaphragm ached as if pellets of pain had been rolled underneath my skin.  Ei, the pain would come piercing each time I dared to lie down. 

“I couldn’t turn without feeling as if … in fact, I didn’t know I would survive the tribulation. Lying on my chest was a no-no. My entire rib-cage quaked so badly, I thought I would die.”

Mama “Wochiman”

BEFORE spinning my yarn for today, let me say a big thank you to everyone who has sent me a mail to wish Nii Friday and I well.  Awww, you have a way of making me feel loved.  That’s why I don’t take you for granted.  Naa Atswei is the one who’s been feeling a bit jealous. I try to make her not to feel attention-deprived.

Thing is, she feels like a mother to her brother.  I remember how she hugged my knees tightly when I got home from the clinic with her brother.  “Mama, baaaaybi, has come.  My baayyybi has come. We will play”.  I couldn’t blame her for claiming him her “baaaaybi”. 

Her father and I had told her incessantly about how the baby in my “stomach” was hers, how I would go to the hospital to baby removed by the doctor, etcetera.  And oooo, we had lots and lots of explanations to give her before and after delivery. 

Email from Sandra: Mopping woes

I lift up my eyes to the shops, from whence shall I find a quality mop bucket to buy? Argh! Am I the only person who cannot find a good mop bucket to buy?

Who will bell the flap?

Who is in charge of imported sardines into the country?  I really would like to have a tete a tete with the person.  Something isn’t going right and I am just not happy about it.  

In those days when we had just two popular brands of sardines in the country, one was sure of how many fishes could be found in a can.

Library photo

Adoley and her bags of tea

After a nice meal of fried octopus with hot pepper and Fante kenkey, Adoley actually run me through a “know thy teabags” course in her kitchen.  We had sat there to eat.

Email from Sandra: All because of Akorfa

Two Novembers ago, my friend Akorfa lost her father.  All those who attended that funeral acknowledged the fact that Akorfa had honoured her father in his death.  And indeed she did!

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