Investment in Ghanaian movies won’t go waste — Akofa Edjeani

BY: Kofi Duah
Actress Akofa Edjeani
Actress Akofa Edjeani

Veteran Ghanaian actress Akofa Edjeani has urged government, business men and corporate bodies to invest in Ghanaian movies because they stand to benefit a lot.

“Most people do not understand the movie industry and that is why they don’t invest in it. Investing in movies is like investing in any other business such as farming or oil that brings a lot of returns. In other countries, movies have done so well and businesses are willing to invest.

“Movies have a lot of reach and any businessman who invests in them will end up selling their products around the world. In Nigeria, where movies are doing great, any businessman or corporate entity will easily invest because they know what they will get in return,” she told Daily Graphic in an interview recently.

According to Akofa, it is about time players in the industry explained to corporate Ghana and business minded individuals the benefits they stand to gain should they put their money into movies.

“It will take us the actors to convince these businessmen to invest in what we do because most of them don’t understand why they should. I am so sure when the actors approach these investors and convince them, they will surely come on board,” she explained.

Untold stories

Akofa further stated that there are some interesting stories waiting to be told by fine scriptwriters but unfortunately such talents are going to waste because of lack of funding.

“I know very good writers who are willing to write but where is the money to fund such movies? I wish I could write and produce myself but there is no money for that and this is the time I am pleading with the government to come in and assist us,” she said.

Asked what she thinks is wrong with the movie industry and the way forward, Akofa said a few interventions needed to happen and the sector would bounce back.

“The movie industry is not dead and can never die. All we need is money to shoot movies; movie producers must stop giving television stations movies to show for free and our distribution systems must work. When these are done, I know the movie industry will get back to its feet,” she said.