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Tue, Sep
Graphic Stanbic Executive Breakfast Meeting

What’s up, PANEFEST Foundation?

Showbiz finds it very worrying that with just a few days to the Pan-African Historical Festival (PANAFEST) celebration, there has been barely any publicity or attempts to drum up support. We agree with our columnist, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo when he writes in today’s edition that the organising committee of the festival have not done much in their quest to whip up publicity for the event.

PANAFEST is predominantly built for Africans and others in the Diaspora connected to the motherland but as it stands, there is virtually no promotion running on any of the major media outlets in the country or beyond for that matter. Showbiz wonders how many members of the public are even aware that the festival is scheduled to come off in a few days’ time.

There is no doubt that PANAFEST is one of the biggest events the country can boast of and although it literally died some time ago, Showbiz hoped that current attempts to revive it would be a bit more successful than it is now.

Considering the immense benefit the country stands to gain from this event in terms of foreign exchange and other tangible ones, we urge the PANAFEST Foundation to do better than they have been doing so far. Knowing the competence and calibre of personalities that constitute the PANAFEST Foundation, Showbiz wonders if their inability to carry out any promotional activities is due to the lack of funds.

The bottom line, however, remains that whatever the situation might be, the PANAFEST Foundation must be up and doing or come clear and tell the public why they are unable to carry out their mandate effectively.