Thumbs up to the Atewa ambassadors

Author: Graphic Showbiz

Music is an item that resonates with nearly everyone and that is why it has for a long time been used to support a variety of noble causes in our society such as road safety, peace during general elections, girl-child education, child labour and maternal mortality.

For those with concerns about our environment, especially the forests and water bodies, there could not have been better news that the coming together of some of our music stars and a colleague from the Netherlands to campaign for preservation of the Atewa Forest in the Eastern Region.

As indicated elsewhere in this publication (page 5), the Atewa forest provides critical echo- system services that millions of people depend on. Its degradation, therefore, spells economic hardship and a lowered standard of life for the present generation and others to follow.

The ‘Atewa Till Eternity’ project  that must be supported by all and we give the thumbs up to Obour, Sherifa Gunu, MzVee, Kojo Rana, Nero X, Kuami Eugene, Richie Mensah, Patch Bay Band, Dela Botri and Heleen Van Den Hombergh (from Netherlands) for using their creative abilities to help raise the necessary awareness about the forest.

Speeches from government officials at the launch of the ‘Atewa Till Eternity’ music video suggested that the state was willing to give appropriate support for the sustenance of the Atewa forest. Everyone at the launch felt good about that and we hope the promises would be upheld till the forest is eventually turned into a national park, as that is the ultimate aim of the campaign.

There are many other environmental concerns confronting us all. We trust that with everybody on board, including our musicians to provide the soundtrack for our efforts, we would be able to bequeath a worthy, precious legacy to unborn generations.