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Thumbs up, GH comedians

Author: Graphic Showbiz
Lekzy Decomic
Lekzy Decomic

The debate about whether Ghanaian comedians are funny or world class is rightly dying down, thanks in no small part to Ghanaian comics themselves shutting up their critics. Maybe, just maybe, chidings from Ghanaians have pushed them to up their game. But lately, the new generation of comics such as DKB, Foster, just to mention a few, have done well to deliver irrespective of the stage on which they perform. 

Even more impressive are the upcoming acts such as Lekzy Decomic, Comedian OB among others who are also proving that Ghanaian comedy has a bright future. It is also apparent that the increase in the number of comedy shows in the country has provided a platform which our comedians have used to refine their skills and delivery. 

The Night of 1022 Laughs and Music held last Saturday showed patrons that our comedians have what it takes to rub shoulders with the best Africa has to offer. Judging by their performances on Saturday, the difference between Nigerian comedians and our own was marginal at best, a development that should receive commendation. 

We at Showbiz believe that it is only fair that the Ghanaian contingent on such platforms be increased. Just as the Nigerians have supported their own to the point where they have mastered their trade and become hot commodities in Ghana and other places, we need to do same for our own. 

By showing support to our acts, we do not only boost their confidence but  also provide them the needed incentives. Additionally, we  need to make the field of comedy lucrative and prove that comedy can be just as financially rewarding as any of the entertainment fields we have currently.