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Tue, Aug

Thank you, fathers, for your unconditional love

Thank you, fathers, for your unconditional love

Over the years, the idea of celebrating Father's Day has not caught on with people. Unlike Mother’s Day which is deeply rooted in the fabric of society, Father’s Day is yet to attract similar goodwill and intimacy.

However, gradually the day is gaining some significance and many Ghanaians today acknowledge the good deeds of their fathers.

It is a day worth celebrating, as it helps, if for nothing at all, acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and societies as a whole.

Besides, observance of Father's Day provides society a unique opportunity to show affection, love and respect to fathers.  This show of affection particularly goes a long way to strengthen father-child relationships and the emotional development of children.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, the Daily Graphic would like to ask: “What values do we place on our fathers?”

Some have said that fatherhood is a job without salary but blessings from God. It takes the brave, committed, selfless, determined, hardworking and God-fearing person to be called a father

Some have also said that being a father is one of the highest paid jobs in the world, since the payment is pure love.

Though in times past, fathers were seen more as providers and guides for children, times have changed significantly, with most husbands and wives both working to provide the family meal.

Presently, many fathers are as involved in day-to-day care of children as mothers are. Indeed, many fathers are seen nowadays changing the nappies of their babies, putting babies to sleep, walking them to school and picking them from school. Even in some cases, while the mothers are away, fathers are seen in the kitchen preparing meals.

This positive shift in social relations is helping to strengthen family ties and father-children relationships.

While this may hold to a large extent, more needs to be done by fathers if their show of affection, love and care is to have a meaningful impact on the well-being of society.

Fathers must feel very proud about their selfless contribution to care and protection towards society, families and children. To paraphrase a poem: “Now here, no more horror stories about the father.’’

On this note, the Daily Graphic would like to add its voice to that of the numerous well wishers to wish all fathers in the country and the global community a Happy Father’s Day for their unconditional love and affection.

We must all take full opportunity of the day and express our love and appreciation to fathers. This is the small way by which we can say Thank You, Fathers.