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Wed, Aug

Let’s support Major Mahama’s family in these trying times

Let’s support Major Mahama’s family in these trying times

The show of sympathy towards the family of Major Maxwell Adams Mahama since his death about 10 days ago has been phenomenal. This is seen not only in the outpouring of grief but also through donations coming from well-meaning Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians for the upkeep of the deceased’s family.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said last Monday during a visit to the family at Burma Camp in Accra that he was aware that the endowment fund set up by the state to take care of Major Mahama’s wife and children could not replace his loss.

Every death is an irreplaceable loss, no matter the circumstances, since the person will not return to life.

Indeed, those who are weeping and gnashing their teeth are doing so because of the tragic end of a very young and energetic soul.

It will not be out of place to conjecture that the life of a future General has been cut short by some misguided elements in our society who believe in mob injustice to settle scores.

Since Major Mahama’s demise, many citizens of the land have sought answers to the tragic and barbaric manner in which he lost his life, but so far no answers are available, except that the residents of Denkyira-Obuasi, who acted that way, have sent us to the era of the law of the jungle where might has always reigned supreme.

It is our prayer, however, that Major Mahama’s death will lead to some reforms in our policing and justice system, such that public confidence in the police and the Judiciary will be restored.

Presently, public ratings for those two institutions are very low, as some members of the public consider them not to be responsive enough to the needs and aspirations of the people. Sometimes the behaviour of the two institutions makes people think that justice is on offer to the highest bidder, the rich and the well connected.

For a cross-section of society to converge on the court premises in Accra last Monday to demand instant justice for the 34 people who appeared in court for the murder of Major Mahama speaks volumes.

The Daily Graphic thinks that under normal circumstances, majority of the people should heave a sigh of relief that at long last some of the killers of Major Mahama have been apprehended and arraigned to give justice to the slain soldier, his family and, indeed, the state.

But what did we see? The people who massed up on the court premises demanded that the accused be released to them so that they could mete out their own form of punishment to them.

Often we have laughed at some of those funny happenings as mere jokes, but they are indicative of the state of law enforcement and jurisprudence in our country.

The Daily Graphic appeals to the Police Administration and the Judicial Service to take steps to purge themselves of the bad lots who, by their actions, bring the names of those institutions into disrepute.

While all of us join hands to improve law enforcement and move away from meting out instant justice to people we suspect to have broken the law, we must spare a thought for Major Mahama’s family. Nothing is too small to offer towards the upkeep of his wife and children.

For this reason, we call on everybody, especially well-meaning citizens, to donate generously towards the endowment fund, so that Mrs Barbara Mahama and the two children can carry on with their daily endeavours without the pain associated with the loss of a beloved one and, for that matter, a breadwinner.