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Let’s observe safety on our roads

Author: Daily Graphic
Let’s observe safety on our roads
Let’s observe safety on our roads
On Monday, May 25, 2017, the Daily Graphic published a letter in which a reader had called for something to be done about trucks that carried boulders with the back of their buckets open. For the benefit of members of the reading public who might not have read the letter, we reproduce it below:“It has become common these days to see large trucks carrying boulders on our roads, with the back of their buckets open.This is done without any thought that the boulders could fall from the back of the truck and cause damage to other road users. This practice is usually seen on the Kasoa-Mallam road. Whoever is responsible for checking this must sit up before any harm is caused. We, as a people, have grown too fond of sitting aloof till accidents occur.”
We have been compelled to reproduce the reader’s letter because of an accident that occurred in Tema last Sunday evening in which two people lost their lives.
The two were with a third person in a BMW saloon car that was crushed by boulders that fell from a tipper truck.
There have been many instances of the breach of safety rules, with all the law enforcement agencies looking on with glee.
Not too long ago, boulder-carrying trucks were the topic of concern in the Sekondi Takoradi metropolis where, as a result of the rehabilitation work then ongoing at the Takoradi Harbour, contractors resorted to the use of flatbed articulated trucks and tipper trucks to convey boulders to the harbour.
Despite complaints by residents, the practice did not abate until the project was carried through. Although no major accidents were recorded, some roads in the metropolis still have remnants of some of the rocks that fell off trucks.
In Accra and other areas where construction projects are ongoing, it is common to find trucks carrying big boulders on the roads, with the backs of the buckets not covered.
We dare say that last Sunday’s accident in which two people lost their lives was one that could have been prevented if some degree of safety had been observed.
According to eyewitnesses, a herd of cattle that was crossing the road contributed to the accident, bringing into focus the issue of cattle-rearing in urban areas.
The Deputy Tema MTTD Commander told the Daily Graphic that, as usual, the police had launched investigations into the accident.
While we welcome investigations into the accident, we urge the police and other law enforcement agencies to be proactive in enforcing the law.
It is common to see police checks at regular intervals on many roads in the country, but, surprisingly, many acts of impunity are perpetrated by road users that are not healthy for others.
It does none any good to sit aloof till disasters strike before we are seen to be taking action. The time to act is now.