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Sat, Oct

Good quality way to go

Showbiz urges organisers to use this year’s edition as a dress rehearsal to fine-tune the event

When MNJ Ghana, organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards Africa (GMAA) held its media launch last Tuesday, one of the things they made known to Showbiz is to celebrate good quality and not popularity. And that even unknown actors and movies which are of good quality stood a chance of winning the ultimate award over more popular ones.

This if followed to the letter will encourage our filmmakers to strive for more quality work which we hope will see us win laurels on the international scene too like some African countries are doing. Rewarding excellence is the first step in ensuring the award scheme achieves an appreciable level of credibility making it one of the best on the continent.  

Additionally, the organisers disclosed that this year’s award event might be the last edition held in Ghana for some time since they plan to rotate the event across several African countries. Showbiz believes this is a highly laudable initiative since it is only right that an award scheme which brands itself as pan-African is not held exclusively in a single country. 

However, with this in mind, it is important the organisers put up a show that succeeds in lifting the image of the award to meet international standards and brand it as one of the best on the continent—where advertised start time is adhered to, duration drags on and on, technical hitches is nonexistent or to its barest minimum among others. 

Showbiz urges organisers to use this year’s edition as a dress rehearsal to fine-tune the event to ensure it meets the standard that will put the award scheme and Ghana on the map as an event worthy of being staged across the continent. 

Come Saturday, July 8, we look forward to a successful event and hope that GMAA sets the standard for other events in the country and beyond.