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Tue, Sep

Contracts must not be overlooked

Contracts must not be overlooked

The social media back and forth between playwright Chief Moomen and Chairman of the [email protected] Committee, Ken Amankwah has captured the attention of entertainment watchers in the last week.

Showbiz has observed with interest as both parties have made claims and counter-claims regarding payments, amounts due among others. It is unfortunate that after a rather successful Ghana @60 celebration, the aftermath is being marred by this controversy. Showbiz is disappointed that both parties could not amicably resolve the impasse without matters deteriorating to this extent.

To preserve the credibility and reputation of both parties, it is important that they both “cease fire” and meet to resolve the issue of the remaining balance. Considering that Chief’s Moomen’s Wogbe J3K3 was staged and included in the itinerary for the March celebrations of the anniversary means that service was rendered and as such payment cannot be reneged on.

The on-going dispute however brings to mind the broader issue of contracts in our industry. In the ideal world, verbal contracts and agreements should be enough to secure services and subsequent payments without further issues, sadly this is not so. As such, artistes and providers of services should insist on securing written contracts before delivering services.

One of the biggest benefits of written contracts is their value in avoiding ambiguity and precisely spelling out what is expected from both parties in an agreement. It is the professional thing to do and the surest way to avoid the ugly scenes that are currently on public display for all to see.

Showbiz urges service providers and event organisers not to leave matters to chance especially when there is money involved.