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Congratulations, Kill Beatz

Author: Graphic Showbiz
Kill Beatz
Kill Beatz

Over the week, music producer Kill Beatz became the first producer in the country to receive a platinum plaque for his work on Ed Sheeran’s hit single ‘Bibia Beyeye’. A platinum plaque is awarded to musicians and producers whose songs sell over a million copies.

In the music world, “going platinum” is an immense achievement and one that every musician or producer worth his salt wishes to achieve. Some notable producers who are also recipients of platinum plaques include Swizz Beatz, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Dr Dre among others.

Kill Beatz’s plaque is an endorsement of the Ghanaian music industry as a whole and proves that contrary to what people think, the Ghanaian music industry is filled with highly talented individuals capable of rubbing shoulders with some of the best from across the world.

What needs to happen is for our local producers to be given the chance to show what they can do rather than for Ghanaian artistes to run to Nigeria and South Africa to record songs. This same advice applies to video directors and other technical people in the music industry.

What even makes this better is the fact that Kill Beatz was introduced to Ed Sheeran by fellow Ghanaian and international Afropop artiste, Fuse ODG. Fuse who has definitely worked with a myriad of producers from all over the world had enough confidence in the ability of Kill Beatz to deliver and he has been vindicated.

The music industry is still developing but we can get better only when we help and support each other. How are producers expected to perfect their skills when the artistes are reluctant to help them do so? Kudos Kill Beatz and Showbiz also salutes Fuse ODG for helping to make this feat possible.