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Sat, Oct

Catch them young

Gilbert Ramy Carrey

As a publication involved in the arts and creative sector, Showbiz has always called on the involvement and inclusion of young talents in the industry.

It is common knowledge that as the current generation ages and eventually fades out of the industry, the young ones are those who will eventually fill their shoes.

It is therefore imperative on everyone involved in the industry to do everything possible to encourage and assist the young generation to play an active role rather than sit on the side lines and be only consumers of creative works.

It is in this regard that Showbiz commends Gilbert Ramy Carrey for his efforts. At such a young age, Gilbert has successfully written his first screenplay which has been shot and made into the movie, The Slave King which premieres at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra and Weija Malls on Saturday, June 17.

Showbiz is not surprised that Gilbert Ramy Carrey has been nominated for the EMY Africa Award in the category of Discovery of the Year. Ghana is blessed with thousands of very talented young people in the creative sector but who are unable to realise the full scope of their talent due to the lack of support.

 As a country, Ghana cannot claim to have a vibrant creative sector when it does not make provision nor have policies that provide a platform for the success of talented young people.

Showbiz urges not only the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts but producers, directors etc involved in the sector to give our young people a chance. We have to encourage them and show them support and it is only by doing this that they will gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed.