The TV that doubles as artwork

BY: Maclean Kwofi
Frame TV
Samsung Frame TV brings fine art to homes.

JUST imagine having a television set that can be transformed into a fine piece of art or customised to suit the interior of a room, even when it is turned off.

This sounds like a dream but Samsung Electronics has made this a reality with the introduction of the all-new Frame TV which is the first of the electronic manufacturer’s lifestyle range of television sets.

The Frame TV, unlike an ordinary television set, is designed specifically to look like a piece of a beautiful artwork which often enhances the interior design of a home.

It can customise the colour or type of the surrounding bezel to match the room style and the TV sits perfectly level against the wall, just as a work of art would be fixed.

This new lifestyle TV could be placed on a counter, but it will likely feel most at home with its ‘No Gap Wall Mount’ which will keep the display flush to a wall and help it camouflage better with its surroundings.

To look like a real frame, all the messy black wires are combined into one, three-millimetre cable for better TV and art experience. This thin and clear cable is connected to One Connect Box, which is hidden from view, so it feels like there is no cable at all.

The frame

The actual frame is made up of different colouring options, including white, black, brown and beige.

This means that The Frame TV presents users or owners with the opportunity to change the colour of their TV set periodically to meet their ever-changing preferences.

Multiple options of the frame, for instance, enable users to effectively create an atmosphere depending on the interior of their room.

It was designed such that anyone can detach the frame easily and replace it effortlessly just with a click sound as the edges of detached frames are made with magnet.

Displaying artworks

Unlike ordinary TVs that prevent dark screens when not being watched, this lifestyle TV could display photos or artworks of most talented and famous artists in the world.

It was, therefore, not surprising that the manufacturer introduced an online Art Store with over 1,200 artworks by 38 galleries where users could order individual pieces or subscribe to packs.

Owners could also be able to make use of Samsung’s Art Mode, a setting for the television that displays artworks, photos, or paintings rather than keeping the screen black when not in use, a bit like a beefed-up smart display.

Art Mode can draw on hundreds of artworks from globally renowned collections too, such as the V&A Museum, the Tate Gallery and Van Gogh Museum.

Value for Ghanaians

A welcoming news is the fact that the manufacturer is currently in discussions with Ghanaian artists for them to display their artworks on the Art Store and raise additional revenue for themselves.

This indicates that while patronage of The Frame TV grows in the Ghanaian market, jobs are being created for local folks.

QLED picture quality

To make the picture look like a real masterpiece, the device delivers colour volume of 100 per cent with QLED picture quality.

With Samsung’s quantum dot technology expressing colours of the original works more vividly, users could enjoy paintings and videos in high definition under any circumstances.

This QLED TV offers great picture quality, beautiful design and high resolution which should be a basic requirement for all TV sets but Samsung Electronics is the only manufacturer that has been able to meet it in the market.

The Frame, is therefore, a TV when turned on, and a beautiful piece of artwork when off.