RIFE International commits to promote clean energy

BY: Maclean Kwofi
Kwabena Osei-Sarpong, President, RIFE International

The President of RIFE International, Kwabena Osei-Sarpong, has expressed commitment to help promote clean energy initiatives in the country.

The clean energy sources such as solar, biomass and wind are fast becoming the centre of attraction across the world in delivering sustainable energy supply as they are more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long run.

As a result, he stated that RIFE had been at the forefront of Africa’s renewable energy and clean energy transformation over the years.

Africa’s accelerated growth

In an interview with the Enlit Africa Conference in South Africa, Osei-Sarpong underlined the need for Africa’s accelerated growth through energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

He said this would help open up new avenues for innovation in the clean energy sector.

He said the Ghana division of RIFE was positioned as a high-growth green solutions company, with a niche focus on solar and energy efficiency.

He said it also provides construction services for its commercial and industrial clients as well as Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

It focuses on providing solar energy services to help customers decarbonize electricity supply, while offering significant cost savings.

“The company offers solar energy installation to customers with no upfront capital expenditure, which combined with immediate energy cost savings unlocks capital for SMEs to expand their businesses, hire more people, hence creating jobs and contributing to socio-economic growth.

“This financed solar energy solution, when installed for the customer immediately presents opportunities to reduce energy cost, while reducing the emission of CO2 in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals seven and 11, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Sustainable Cities and Communities respectfully,” he said.

The parent firm

The president noted that the parent company, RIFE International, was a globally focused award-winning energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewable energy firm, that helps organisations develop, adopt and implement clean energy, sustainable construction, and energy efficiency best practices in projects.

He said the company’s services deliver significant long-term savings, vastly improve access to affordable power in developing areas of the world and improve human conditions globally.

With this, RIFE also focusses on alternative financial structures through its collaboration with Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s), Clean Energy Funds and other Fortune 500 organisations that can enhance deal flows towards clean energy access in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Osei-Sarpong, who is the CEO and Founder of RIFE International, is at the forefront of pioneering energy efficiency and clean energy solutions in the United States and globally.