Volta dam spillage:
Victims need our collective support, love

Volta dam spillage:

After almost a month, the spillage of the Akosombo Dam continues unabated.


The unfortunate development has come about as a result of the rising water levels in the dam which leaves the Volta River Authority with no other option but to spill as much water as possible to prevent the dam from being compromised.

Presently, thousands of people in surrounding villages and towns in some parts of the Volta Region are stranded because their homes and businesses have been submerged by the floodwaters.

The Graphic Business sympathises with the affected persons and would like to add its voice to calls on the government, through the ministerial committee, to intensify the release of aid to help ameliorate the suffering of the affected.

To us, the ordeal of the people affected should be deemed as a major sacrifice done to the entire country because the Volta Lake serves every nook and cranny of our country.

The lake helps generate up to 1,200 megawatts of power which we all enjoy and, therefore, what is happening should be a concern for all and not a few.

We should be mindful of the fact that, should anything, God forbid, happen to the dam, the entire Volta, Eastern and the whole of Tema as well as a parts of Greater Accra, will be submerged according to experts.

This fact is enough evidence for all as Ghanaians from all walks of life to contribute in whatever way possible to ensure that the plight of the people affected is reduced.

From the needs assessment conducted, it is clear that the people still need more blankets, mosquito nets and repellents, sanitary items, cook stoves and gas cylinders, food items of all sorts and medical assistance.

Much as some relief items have been deployed, it is not enough and that is the reason we all need to act and act fast.

Thankfully, there has not been any reported deaths as a result of the spillage. However, this may likely happen if the victims are denied some basic amenities that they require to make life worth living for them.

At the moment, many of them are going through emotional torture and, therefore, one of the best ways to relieve them of such ordeal is for us all to help in whatever way to make them happy.

The paper will like to appreciate the various companies which have joined the government by supplying some of the needs of the people.

However, we are aware that many more businesses and organisations have not yet shown any intention to support the people of the Volta Region and other parts of the country who, through no fault of theirs, have been badly hit by this unprecedented tragedy.

To us, this is not the best because, as earlier mentioned, the people gave their land for our sake and are now suffering for the good they did us all.

This is not the time for blame game. This is not the time for politics. This is the time to show love, empathy and care for one another because the gravity of the situation is not anything to toy about.

While we wait for all corporate bodies to help with their widow’s mite, we will entreat all working Ghanaians in the formal and informal sectors of the economy to contribute at least GH¢10 a month into a fund to help support our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

As we know it, the government cannot single-handedly support the victims, particularly at a time when our economy is facing some serious liquidity challenges.

Should the people heed the call, the Graphic Business would want proper accountability of the funds and transparency in how it will be disbursed to the affected people.

We have witnessed many instances where such funds are either misapplied, mismanaged or embezzled by a few at the expense of the suffering masses. But it is our hope that, that should be a thing of the past so that the people will be encouraged to show love to our brothers, sisters, children and parents, and all affected persons.


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