Mr Armand Puyolt (4th right), Mr Albert Gyeke (5th right) and Dr William Anarfi Sarpong (3rd right) in a pose with regional distibutors of Vida Divina after the openning of the head office branch of the company
Mr Armand Puyolt (4th right), Mr Albert Gyeke (5th right) and Dr William Anarfi Sarpong (3rd right) in a pose with regional distibutors of Vida Divina after the openning of the head office branch of the company

Vida Divina to create 100,000 job opportunities for youth, product to boost network marketing in Ghana

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vida Divina, a network marketing company which produces health and wellbeing products, Mr Armand Puyolt, has announced the company’s intentions to create over 100,000 job opportunities in the country.

Speaking at the company’s Business Opportunity Takeover Crusade in Accra last weekend, the CEO, who earned US$5 million yearly at the age of 18 and made over US$65 million in his network marketing career, said he intended to create such young millionaires in Ghana.


“We are not going to change just lives but we are going to change families. We will change millions of lives,” he stated.

He said when he decided to launch the company’s operations in Ghana, a lot of people tried to talk him out of that idea because they believed the country was not the right place for such a business.

“We started talking to a lot of people and the response we were getting was that people in Ghana do not want to work but I told myself we are going to Ghana to create millionaires,” he stated.

The entry of the company into Ghana is at a time when the government has opened up to the private sector to enable players to create more jobs for the people, particularly the youth.

Take advantage of opportunities

Mr Puyolt, therefore, urged the youth in the country to take advantage of the opportunities that Vida Divina was bringing to change their lives and those of their families.

“Opportunities are there and people keep praying for them but when they come we turn our backs against them so I urge you to think about this opportunity and grab it now,” he said.

Giving back to society

The CEO also disclosed the company’s intentions to invest in the provision of clean water to deprived communities as part of its plans of giving back to the societies in which they operate.

“We are not just here to make money but to also support the communities in which we operate,” he mentioned.

“We will also support the country’s agriculture sector, especially farmers and the education sector as well,” he added.

He said the company was currently operating in 33 countries and intended to launch in 24 other countries soon.

How the business started

The Vice-President of African Sales for Vida Divina, Mr Albert Gyeke, also touching on how the business started said: “In November 2015, I was honoured to have dinner with Mr Puyolt for the first time in my life and he shared his vision with me and I was like I am in just let me know when you are ready.”

In May 2016, he said he got a call from him that the company would be launched in three months’ time.

“In 90 days all I did was presentations. I drove through cities talking to people about the company,” he explained.

“A lot of people joined and in a week or two, they quit but with dedication and hard work we built a team of 1,000s in just 90 days. My first cheque was US$37, 000. And currently I’m earning about US$73,000 a month,” he stated.

“You can also do this. Network marketing is all about dedication, determination, hard work and consistency. There is no secret or magic,” he said to the 1,000s of youth who were gathered.

Compensation plan

Shedding light on the company’s packages and compensation plan, its Pioneer Leader in Ghana, Dr William Anarfi Sarpong, said it had a variety of packages ranging from GH¢650 to GH¢5,700

“When you register for the GH¢650 package we give you 18 packs of the product with each of them selling for GH¢70. At the sale of these products, it means you will get GH¢1,200,” he explained.

“After making this profit, the company will set up a virtual website for you so you can share with your friends and if any of your friends sees it and shows interest, for every purchase the company will pay you extra money,” he added.

He said individuals who signed on others unto the company would also be compensated with 50 per cent of the said amount.


Head office building

Meanwhile, the company has opened its head office branch at East Legon in Accra, from where it will operate. The head office will serve as a centre for distribution for Vida Divina across the country, training place for distributors, among others. It intends to replicate this feat in all the regional capitals within the next few years.

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